TCP/IP Port Check Utility for LinearHash Service


New server and workstation deployments often contain default firewall rules that block OpenInsight from communicating with the Linear Hash service on the server. When this occurs a FS109 message will appear during OpenInsight startup(Figure 1).


This article contains a utility and troubleshooting procedures to verify communication with the server.




Locating the Server IP and Port

Before continuing you will need to know the server name and tcp/ipport where the LinearHash service is installed. The best way to find this information is to check the REVPARAM file. OpenInsight attempts to connect to the server using the information stored in the REVPARAM file.


1.   Locate your root OpenInsight directory. The root OpenInsight directory contains the oinsight.exe program.

2.   Find the REVPARAM file (no file extension) and open it in Notepad.

3.   The file should contain at least 3 lines. ServerOnly,ServerName, and TcpIpPort.Make note of the values ServerName and TcpIpPort

4.  Close the REVPARAM file without saving changes.


The values ServerName and TcpIpPort specify how oinsight.exe should connect to the server.


These settings can be double checked by running the "Universal Driver Manager" program on the server console. The program will display the server IP and Port. Verify the Server Name and TcpIpPort are the same as those displayed in the manager program. If the values do not match then the REVPARAM file then please review the Universal Driver Installation guide for proper setup of the service and REVPARAM file.


Using the Port Check Utility

The checklhport.exe program connects to the LinearHash server, sends a greeting, and checks for the expected response. It will verify round trip communication with the server.


1.  Download the checklhport.exe to the workstation that fails to launch OpenInsight. Click the icon below to download.


3.   Download size: 311 KB

4.  Launch the program and enter the server and port information you retrieved from the REVPARAM file (see previous section).

5.  Click "Do Check"to begin the check. The response should display within 10 seconds.

6.   If a message box displays "Response OK" then the port is open and the LinearHash service is responding.


If the response was not successful check the list of responses below for additional troubleshooting guidelines.


"Unable to connect to ... on port..."

This is a general connection error. The TCP connection could not be established. The request may have been blocked, the server or port information is incorrect, or the LinearHash service is not running.


"Unable to send initial handshake"

The TCP connection was opened but the server disconnected before or during the greeting message. The LinearHash service may not be listening on the port specified or you are testing against a version that is not compatible with this utility.


"Port is open but response not properly formatted"

or "No response received"

The TCP connection was opened and a greeting was sent to the server but the response wasn't valid. A program other than the LinearHash service may be listening on the port.


Checking the Port Manually

If you are not able to run the checklhport.exe program you can use telnet to verify the connection. This method is not as thorough as the utility but it can quickly prove if the service is answering and behaving as expected. You will need the server name and port information from the REVPARAM file.


1.  Open a command prompt on the client workstation.

2.   Run the command:

3.   telnet.exe ipaddress port

4.   Substitute ip address with the server name and port with the TcpIpPort from the REVPARAM file. For example "telnet.exe 777"

5.    If successful you will see a blank screen. Pressing any keywill cause the session to disconnect.


Should you receive any other response or a "unable to connect" message then the connection was not successful and the LinerHash service is not running or being blocked.


Final Considerations

If you are able to verify successful connectivity to the LinearHash service using one of the two methods above please check your client side software to verify the antivirus program is not blocking oinsight.exe. The antivirus program may be allowing the checklhport.exe or telnet.exe programs to connect to the server while continuing to block oinsight.exe.


Disable any client side firewall or antivirus program and try the procedures again.



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