Creating a Custom Login Screen for your O4W Application Utilizing Permission Levels

The creation of a custom O4W login process requires an understanding of O4W permission levels. A permissions number is assigned to each user.  "0" is the highest permission, and can run anything; higher numbers (1, 2, 10, etc.) are lower permissions.  Each O4W custom stored procedure, report, form, etc., are also assigned a permissions number, and if the logged-in user has a permission number that’s equal to or less than the permissions required for a report, form, etc., then the user is allowed to run the report, form, etc.

1. In the Editor++, create a new custom stored procedure to check the username and password that’s entered in the O4W Login form (named, for example, O4WU_CUSTOM_AUTHORIZATION).  This should be a function that takes 2 parameters (the username and password), and, using this information, returns either a null (if the user isn’t allowed to login) or a "permissions level" that should be assigned to this user.

2. If your site uses some system other than "permissions level", you can also create a custom stored procedure to replace the permissions authorization procedure; if your site does not use any "permissions levels", you can just choose a random value (such as "10") to assign to all users, but remember that some users (such as O4W developers) must have at least level 1, and there should be at least one level 0 user, to make sure there is always access to the development environment.

3. Using the Message maintenance screen in the O4W designer pages (DB Management, O4W Maintenance), modify the login messages that say "OpenInsight for Web Login" (for example, message L105) to reflect your own site name.

4. Using the O4W Configuration screen in the O4W designer pages (DB Management, Configuration Records), on the Templates tab, change the default template to one that fits your site.

5. Still on the O4W Configuration screen, on the System Routine tab, change the name of the security authorization procedure to the name of the procedure you created above.

Below is your custom O4W Login screen will utilize O4W permissions. 

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