Advanced Revelation Version 2.1 Documentation

Advanced Revelation Version 2.1 Table of Contents

Ch A1 - Introduction

Ch B1 - Installing Advanced Revelation

Ch B2- Updating and Enhancing Your Advanced Revelation System

Ch B3- Removing Optional Modules

Ch B4- Logging On to Advanced Revelation

Ch B5- Using Expanded Memory Support

Ch C1- Introduction to the Online Tutorial

Ch C2- Introduction to the Sample Application

Ch D1- Getting Started

Ch D2- Using System Features

Ch D3- Entering and Editing Data in Windows

Ch D4- Using the Full-Screen Editor

Ch D5- Configuring for the Workstation- Mouse- Display and Printers

Ch E1- Advanced Revelation Files and Records

Ch E2- Managing Files and Records

Ch E3- Advanced Revelation Dictionaries

Ch E4- Advanced Revelation Volumes

Ch E5- The Linear Hash Filing System

Ch F1- Building Applications with Advanced Revelation

Ch F2- Planning an Application

Ch F3- Users and Accounts-Planning Access and Security

Ch F4- Creating Windows with Paint

Ch F5- Adding Advanced Features to Windows with Paint

Ch F6- Building Menus and Popups

Ch F7- Creating and Maintaining Indexes

Ch F8- Building Formulas

Ch F9- Using Codes and Commands

Ch F10- Using the Batch Update Process

Ch F11- Writing Macros and Capturing Keystrokes

Ch F12- International Applications Support

Ch G1- Selecting and Browsing Through Data

Ch G2- Using the Filter Key

Ch G3- Using Indexes

Ch G4- Using Window Query

Ch G5- Using Query-By-Example

Ch H1- Creating Reports with Advanced Revelation

Ch H2- Creating Forms

Ch H3- Creating Labels

Ch H4 Creating R-LIST Reports

Ch H5- Writing Reports with EasyWriter

Ch H6- Creating Merge Reports

Ch I1- Introduction to TCL

Ch I2- Features of TCL

Ch I3- TCL Command Reference

Ch J1- Introduction to R-LIST

Ch J2- R-LIST Keyword Reference

Ch K1- The SQL Option

Ch K2-An Introduction to SQL

Ch K3- Building a Database

Ch K4- Querying the Database

Ch K5- Modifying the Database

Ch K6- Managing the System

Ch K7- Programming with SQL

Ch K8- SQL Reference

Ch L1- Introduction to Networks

Ch L2- Managing Advanced Revelation on a Network

Ch L3- Locking

Ch M1-Introduction to Enviromental Bonding

Ch M2-The ASCII Environmental Bond

Ch M3- The dBASE III Environmental Bond

Ch N1-Introduction to R-BASIC

Ch N2-Features of R-BASIC

Ch N3-Programming with R-Basic

Ch N4-R-Basic Command Reference

Ch N5-R-BASIC System Subroutines