Revelation Software is in the business of developing technologies and selling licenses to use those technologies. Our license models are deliberately and thoughtfully developed. Enforcement of our licensing ensures that we receive compensation for the innovations and value we deliver, and that we have the resources to invest in continuing innovations and value.

A Runtime License provides end users full use of an OpenInsight application; however, it does not allow the users to change or modify the application. Applications are delivered using a Runtime License when the application is fixed, and cannot be modified. The Runtime specifically prohibits the ability to create files, create or modify dictionaries, create or destroy indexes, or any application component (such as reports, forms, programs, etc.). If the application requires one or more of these capabilities, the application should be delivered with Developer Class Licensing.

The Runtime License is the most important document in determining what you can and cannot do in a runtime. Revelation has implemented a number of software checks to ensure that these restrictions are respected by Licensees. In some cases, developers find ways of circumventing the software protections built into the software. Regardless of any such technical “creativity,” the software is protected by the Runtime License and any "workarounds" are a violation of the license.

The runtime capabilities are restricted as documented in the Runtime License and are further restricted by the implementation of software protections. These protections include:

  • Runtime Executables — these programs must be distributed under the runtime license
  • Removed Programs — these programs cannot be distributed under the runtime license
  • Restricted Programs — these programs will abort if a runtime license is detected

Replacement programs are replaced by its runtime counterpart to limit functionality:

Program Name Replaced By Function
Reporter.exe View-only reporting capabilities
Oengine.exe The runtime license of OpenInsight

Omission- These programs are not provided when creating a runtime:

Program Name Description
Fixgce.exe Program to Fix “Group Calculation Errors”
Fixvol.exe Fixes ‘GCEs’ on a directory/folder basis

Runtime Stamp
Certain functionality (programs) are not available to runtimes. If these programs are run, they will check to see if a runtime is being used and will abort if this is the case. The programs listed in Table 1 are not available with the runtime license and therefore cannot be used. If you would like to make any of the items in Table 1 available in your deployed application, you must deploy with Development-Ready licensing. 

The Runtime License is the most important document in determining what you can and cannot do in a runtime. The list of restricted programs in Table 1 is for reference purposes only and does not define the limits of a runtime; the Runtime License defines the runtime. If a program is not listed in Table 1, you cannot assume that its use is valid in a runtime; you must consult the Runtime License to make that determination.

Form Creation
The OpenInsight runtime license specifically forbids the creation or modification of application components. These application components include, but are not limited to; forms, reports, and programs. Any attempt to create OpenInsight components via programming, is a violation of OpenInsight runtime licensing. 

Database Administration
The OpenInsight runtime license specifically forbids the creation or modification of database components (Database Administration). These database components include, but are not limited to; tables, dictionaries and indexes. If there is a requirement for Database Administration the application must be deployed with a minimum of one Development Ready license. Any attempts to provide database capabilities by bundling an Advanced Revelation runtime is a violation of OpenInsight licensing. 

Third Party Utilities
All “third party” utilities must respect Revelation Software Licensing. If a utility is installed into an OpenInsight Runtime System, the utility should ensure runtime restrictions are respected. Therefore;

  1. The utility must not create/modify any component built with OpenInsight tools.
  2. The utility must not use any routine or provide a “workaround” to any routine listed in Table I. (attached)
  3. The utility must not store any type of information in the OpenInsight repository.

If any of the capabilities listed above are required, the utility CANNOT be deployed on a Runtime systems and must be deployed with a Development Ready system. To ensure conformance to the Revelation Licensing guidelines, the utility should be reviewed by Revelation Software. 

Table 1 — Programs not available with the OpenInsight Runtime License

Program Name Description
CREATE_FILE Create a new file
CREATE_TABLE Create a new file
CREATE_INDEX Create a new index (btree, xref, relational)
CREATE_SYMBOLIC Create a new symbolic/calculated field
CREATE_VOLUME Create a directory (folder) to store LH files
DEFINE_STRUCT Allows you to access external DLLs
DEFINE_DATABASE Save a database image (.DBT)
DS_CHILD Create a new dataset
CREATESWAP_NEWDB Swap/change the current database
DELETEFILE.SUB Delete a file
DELETE_INDEX Delete an index (btree, xref, relational) file
DICT.MFS Disables the ability to issue the following:
CLEARFILE - Delete all the fields
WRITE - Create or change fields.
DELETE - Delete a field.
HELP_CHILD Create User Help
MSG_CHILD Create messages
POPUP_CHILD Create popups
RECOMPILE_PROC Recompile a stored procedure
RENAME_TABLE Rename a table
REV_COMPILER Compile programs
RTP5 Compile programs and dictionaries
RWD_CREATEPREVIEW Create a preview for an OI HTML Form
SET_APP_INFO Set username, password, application info and encrypts; create new application
SET_MFS Place an MFS on a file (Quickdex, SI, custom)
SQLEXP_CREATE Create Data Warehouse
SQLEXP_MANAGER Allow access into Data Warehouse Manager
SQLEXP_SELECT Select rows to put into Data Warehouse
SQLEXP_WIZARD Data Warehousing creation Wizard
REPOS.DATASOURCE.CONNECTION.WRITE Create/modify connect.object
REPOS.DBCOMPONENT..DESTROY Delete any database component
REPOS.OIWIN..COMPILE Compile an OpenInsight Form
REPOS.OIWIN..DESTROY Delete an OpenInsight Form
REPOS.OIWIN..NEW Create an OpenInsight Form
REPOS.OIWIN..TDESTROY Tree delete a Form
REPOS.OIWIN..WRITE Modify an OpenInsight Form
REPOS.OIWINEXE..DESTROY Delete a Form Executable
REPOS.OIWINEXE..NEW Create a Form Executable
REPOS.OIWINEXE..TDESTROY Tree delete a Form Executable
REPOS.OIWINEXE..WRITE Modify an OpenInsight Form Executable
REPOS.POPUP..NEW Create a Popup
REPOS.STPROC..COMPILE Compile a stored procedure
REPOS.STPROC..DESTROY Delete a stored procedure
REPOS.STPROC..NEW Create a new stored procedure
REPOS.STPROC..UPDATE Modify a stored procedure
REPOS.STPROC..WRITE Modify a stored procedure
REPOS.STPROCEXE..NEW Create object code
REPOS.STPROCEXE..TDESTROY Tree delete object code
REPOS.STPROCEXE..UPDATE Modify object code
REPOS.STPROCEXE..WRITE Modify object code
****REPORTER.EXE Design a report

****These functions are only allowed when deploying applications using the Reporter Runtime License.