OpenEngine Common Gateway Interface v4 (OECGI4)

OECGI4.EXE is the OpenEngine Common Gateway Interface version 4.  You utilize OECGI4.EXE as the connection to your OpenInsight application from a web server.  Introduced in OpenInsight v10, OECGI4 offers improvements over OECGI3.EXE and OECGI2.EXE, including failover, load balancing, and greater security.

OECGI4.EXE is backwards-compatible with OECGI3.EXE; that is, if no specific registry entries are found for OECGI4.EXE, it will use the OECGI3.EXE registry settings if they exist.  Therefore, OECGI4.EXE can directly replace OECGI3.EXE without requiring any additional configuration changes.

Users should upgrade from OECGI3.EXE to OECGI4.EXE since OECGI4.EXE (in conjunction with OpenInsight v10) provides enhanced functionality (especially concerning REST operations) and improved stability and performance.



OECGI4.EXE Installation and Configuration Quick Start Guide