MultiValue Connector

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MultiValue Connector

Our multivalue connectors for Universe, Unidata, D3, mvBase and OpenQM have been combined into a single code set which we have named MVBFS (Multivalue Base Filing System) and is included in OpenInsight 9.3.2 and above.  This base filing system will support rti_readu, rti_writeu, and rti_writerelease functions to allow developers to interact with multivalue servers in a more traditional multivalue style.  Transaction logging support has also been incorporated with the rti_transaction subroutine.

OpenInsight for U2 is a front-end database design tool included in our MVBFS that works with UniData or UniVerse (U2), Rocket Software's MultiValue™ data servers. The U2 data servers offer high performance, scalable information management environments for embedding in superior solutions. The MultiValue (or extended relational) model — which supports nested tables — eliminates data redundancies and optimizes performance. The U2 optimized tool suite, integrated development environment and virtual machine runtime provide fast prototyping, dynamic customization and open and portable systems.

Requirements: UniObjects .Net

Revelation Software is a Rocket Software Business Partner.

OpenInsight for D3/mvBase is a front-end database design tool included in our MVBFS that works with the D3 DBMS and mvBase DBMS from Rocket Software. D3 is a powerful database solution that offers scalability, seamless interoperability, connectivity and low cost of system management. mvBase is a high-performance multi-dimensional database environment optimized for business applications.

Requirements:  D3 version 9.0 and above, mvBase version 3.0 and above.

OpenInsight for QM is a front-end database design tool included in our MVBFS that works with the OpenQM DBMS from Ladybridge Systems.  OpenQM is the only multivalue database available both as a fully supported commercial product from Ladybridge Systems and in open source form under the General Public License. The name OpenQM is a generic term used to describe both the open source and the commercial 'closed source' versions of the QM database.

Requirements: QM version 2.12.7 and above.


OI 9.3 for U2 Quick Start Guide

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