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Taskbar Integration – The TASKBARID property

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In a previous post on the RXI files we mentioned the taskBarID switch that could be applied when launching the Presentation Server to un-group instances of the same executable on the Windows Taskbar.  This same principle can also be applied to top-level application windows so they can have their own icon on the taskbar rather than being grouped together with other application windows owned by the same instance.

To support this feature OpenInsight 10 provides a new WINDOW property called TASKBARID, which should contains a unique value that differentiates the window from other windows running on the desktop.

For example, a fairly easy way to set a unique value would be to combine the window ID and handle like so:

taskBarID = @window : "." : get_Property( @window, "HANDLE" )
call set_Property( @window, "TASKBARID", taskBarID )

Here is an example of a window with a blank TASKBAR property – notice that it is grouped with the System Monitor window as they both belong to the same instance of OpenInsight:



Here is the same window with the TASKBARID set to “TEST” – the OpenInsight 10 window icon is now visible on the TaskBar:



Note that you can also give multiple windows the same TASKBARID if you wish to control how they are grouped together.

[Edit: 01 Feb 13 – property renamed to TASKBARID]

(Disclaimer: This article is based on preliminary information and may be subject to change in the final release version of OpenInsight 10).

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