In Development
The Revelation Software web site is getting a long overdue makeover. Our existing site was written in Lotus Notes and it has taken an enormous effort to re-write and update years and years of existing content. We have chosen Joomla as our framework and hope to have the site up and running within the next month or two.

Development continues on OpenInsight 10. For a behind the scenes look at some of the new features to be incorporated within OpenInsight check out Carl Pates' blog "Building OpenInsight 10: News and notes from the bleeding edge of Revelation Software development".

Client Setup Removal Tool
Workstations running OpenInsight 9 are required to run the clientsetup.exe program to install several client-side tools required for OpenInsight to operate correctly. Each version of OpenInsight has a matching version of clientsetup.exe. Only one version of the client setup tool should be installed at any one time. Sometimes during troubleshooting or version upgrades it is necessary to completely remove all of the client setup components. The script provided in this knowledge base article provides a thorough and fast method to remove all of the client setup components. READ ON...


OI 9.4 Workstation Installation
Each workstation that accesses an OpenInsight application requires several libraries and supporting MSI packages to be installed. The libraries and MSI packages are installed using the clientsetup.exe in the OpenInsight directory. This article presents several methods to deploy the ClientSetup.exe on one or more workstations. READ ON...


Over the last several months, we have discussed Revelation Software's O4W web development toolkit, and how it has evolved since its introduction to support mobile devices. O4W Mobile is built upon jQuery Mobile, an open source community supported framework, to provide a device independent user interface that's appropriate for the "mobile computing environment" (with all the differences that entails from the traditional "desktop computing environment").
In Part 1, we demonstrated how you could build a simple display form using the O4W APIs; in Part 2, we took that same routine and enhanced it to provide more interactivity, user input, and advanced interface elements. In our concluding Part 3, we'll show you how you can process the entered user data. READ ON...

Mike Ruane, President and CEO of Revelation Software will be presenting O4W Mobile at the Pick Regional User Conferences 2013.

August 8, 2013
Newport Beach, California
Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa

September 18, 2013
Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa
Hollywood, Florida For more information click HERE.

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