Revelation Software offers a full suite of development tools for Windows-based servers and workstations. Below are brief descriptions of our products and their features.

OpenInsight is an application development environment that enables development teams to work collaboratively to design, develop, deploy and scale high-performance business solutions on networks, the web and mobile devices. OpenInsight's complete tool set (including a Form Designer, Editor/Debugger, UI Workspace, XML Workspace and more), advanced BASIC+ scripting language, O4W web development toolkit and powerful client/server development combine to deliver a complete environment for deploying and evolving network applications. OpenInsight is delivered with a flexible multivalue, variable length, filing system called Linear Hash, or has the ability to use SQL Server, Oracle, Couchbase, Universe/UniData, D3, QM or any ODBC compliant data back-end. Delivered with both XML and Web-enabled tools, OpenInsight is a tremendously powerful development tool for Windows-based applications.

The following development tools are included in OpenInsight 9.x and above: 

Included in OpenInsight release 7.2 and above is the Character to OpenInsight (CTO)This is a tool to allow green screen multi-value applications run in OpenInsight with a full GUI interface.

Arev32 is included in release 8.0 and above of OpenInsight. It is a way to allow users and developers to run and create Advanced Revelation applications in a console application powered by OpenInsight.

OpenInsight for Web (O4W) is a flexible and powerful web development toolkit included with OpenInsight 9.2 and above. The OpenInsight for Web (O4W) Development Toolkit makes it possible for OpenInsight developers with limited or no HTML/XML/JavaScript experience to develop feature rich web pages. O4W is designed to work the way OpenInsight developers think, taking advantage of the skills and knowledge they already have. While users with more web development experience can use O4W's advanced features, all developers can create modern web applications (using JavaScript, XHTML, and AJAX) through O4W's APIs.

MultiValue Connector - Our multivalue connectors for Universe, Unidata, D3, mvBase and OpenQM have been combined into a single code set which we have named MVBFS (Multivalue Base Filing System)and is included in OpenInsight 9.3.2 and above.

The SQL Connector included with OpenInsight release 9.2 and above provides the ability to easily connect OpenInsight to a SQL database. With this connector, SQL tables are now seen as native tables to all components of OpenInsight including forms, reports, popups and stored procedures. The O4W web development toolkit can also be used against SQL data once the SQL data is attached to OpenInsight.

Data Encryption at Rest (RTIDER) is included with OpenInsight version 9.3 and above. RTIDER is a new encryption service that system administrators can deploy to encrypt (on a field by field level) data in OpenInsight. The data will be "encrypted at rest" using industry standard encryption routines.

The Banded Report Writer (BRW) is a tool used for creating and editing powerful and easy-to-use banded reports that are compatible with Access and Crystal models.

OpenInsight Single Sign-On (SSO) allows OpenInsight users and system administrators to simplify their OI security and administrative tasks.  By configuring SSO, OpenInsight users can be authenticated via traditional OpenInsight methods, via Windows security, or via a combination of both.

NetOI/RevDotNet - Using the NetOI .NET assembly, you can code entirely in Visual Studio (or your development environment of choice), and develop a Windows application that uses OpenInsight as its data source.  The NETOI assembly contains classes to communicate with the OpenInsight Engine Server (the Server class); open and communicate with files (the OIFile class); and manage records and selectlists (the OIRecord and OISelectList classes).  Using NETOI, you can perform all the basic file I/O needed to use OpenInsight.  

RevDotNet functionality is contained in a series of APIs that OpenInsight programmers can call to create and manipulate .NET classes.  These can be either visible classes (like Tree Controls, ListView Controls, etc.) or functional classes (like encryption classes, etc.).  You must first establish which assemblies you wish to use, and then you may create objects from the classes in those assemblies.  Once you've created an object, you can determine its methods, properties, events, etc., and invoke those methods, set and get those properties, register for those events, etc.

The Revelation Network Products Suite consists of the Universal Driver and Universal Driver Heavy.  These products provide advanced network performance and integrity-enhancing capabilities for OpenInsight and Advanced Revelation deployed applications. Each network product is designed to easily and economically deliver performance and integrity to your business applications without any change to the underlying structure. 

Advanced Revelation is an award-winning DOS development environment that is distinguished by unrivaled flexibility in application development and robust, multi-user data access. Thousands of advanced line-of-business applications have been developed, and remain deployed today. They serve as a testament to the enduring quality of the tool and the designers of the applications.