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The new Arev32 interface contained within OpenInsight release 8.0 allows users and developers to run and create Advanced Revelation applications in a console application powered by OpenInsight.

The Arev32 interface supplements the GUI interface that is synonymous with OpenInsight. Both the GUI and Arev32 interfaces communicate with the Revelation OpenEngine (the "heart" of the database environment). Therefore both interfaces have access to all tables and programs stored in the database, and can interoperate. Developers can have the best of both worlds (OpenInsight and Advanced Revelation), with no middleware add-on costs, as well as take advantage of OpenInsight's economical Server Deployment Packs.

Because Arev32 runs within OpenInsight your Advanced Revelation application is no longer dependent upon MS-DOS to operate. Developers and users of Arev32 can take advantage of Windows interoperability with ease.

Converting from Arev to Arev32 is a snap using our Conversion Wizard.

Arev32 Documentation

Arev32 9.3 Quick Start Guide

Advanced Revelation Documentation

Advanced Revelation Documentation (Registered Users Only)



Arev64 is a feature included within OpenInsight 10.0 at no additional charge.

Arev64 Documentation

Arev64 10.0 Quick Start Guide

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