NetOI - Developing .NET Applications for OpenInsight

Using the NetOI .NET assembly, you can code entirely in Visual Studio (or your development environment of choice), and develop a Windows application that uses OpenInsight as its data source.  The NETOI assembly contains classes to communicate with the OpenInsight Engine Server (the Server class); open and communicate with files (the OIFile class); and manage records and selectlists (the OIRecord and OISelectList classes).  Using NETOI, you can perform all the basic file I/O needed to use OpenInsight.

NetOI Quick Start Guide v2.0

NetOI Quick Start Guide v3.0



RevDotNet functionality is contained in a series of APIs that OpenInsight programmers can call to create and manipulate .NET classes.  These can be either visible classes (like Tree Controls, ListView Controls, etc.) or functional classes (like encryption classes, etc.).  You must first establish which assemblies you wish to use, and then you may create objects from the classes in those assemblies.  Once you've created an object, you can determine its methods, properties, events, etc., and invoke those methods, set and get those properties, register for those events, etc.

RevDotNet Quick Start Guide v1.1

RevDotNet Quick Start Guide v2.0