January 2015 Newsletter

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January 2015 Newsletter
Tracker Application Sets Precedent for Case Management Efficiency

The December 17, 2014 issue of Database Trends and Applications features an article written by Joyce Wells titled Tracker Application Sets Precedent for Case Management Efficiency.

Imagine a complex system designed by a committee of millions of attorneys over a span of more than 200 years. That is what our legal system is. Now, imagine software that allows non-technical users to document and evaluate their work with the system as they weave through its labyrinth. That is what Tracker, an application for case management, provides to justice agencies.

A huge application that basically models the entire justice system, Tracker is designed to provide an integrated view of the justice process from the point of an initial crime report all the way up to and including corrections and parole and long-term follow-up. With a fully featured GUI, centralized management, and integrated internet, Tracker allows remote and mobile access so branch office and on-call employees can connect from wherever they need to. This highly evolved software suite rests on Revelation Software’s OpenInsight 9.4, a MultiValue-based application development environment.

Based in the Chicago metropolitan region, Solution Specialties, Inc. has been developing information systems for justice agencies since 1987, and has customers using its Tracker software from coast to coast. Tracker grew from the experience of Solution Specialties founder and president Dan Reese. Reese previously worked as the director of an agency in the criminal justice system, and has a research background at the undergraduate and graduate levels. “My interest goes way back to when I was working in the field and trying to write grant proposals and bring money into the agency. A lot of the grants have a research focus. We were trying to collect data separate from doing the day-to-day work and we found that it was just impractical,” recalled Reese in a recent interview.

Leveraging Real-World Experience

“Because I worked in the field and was in a management role, I knew that the agency already collected all the information that it needed to do this type of analytical work. It was just buried in file folders, in multiple forms, and not very accessible. The software grew out of an effort to integrate data collection with daily operations so the average employee did not have to do extra work,” Reese said. “We wanted the information to be organized in such as way as to facilitate outcome-based research.”

At first, the software was used exclusively by Reese’s agency. In the late 1980s, after the software came to the attention of the State of Illinois, he was asked to participate in a statewide comparison of products. When the application came out on top, Reese decided to make the move into the software industry, and Solution Specialties was born.

“The legal system is not one thing. It varies from state to state and from county to county, with different interpretations, programs, funding, and terminology,” said Reese. As a result, the software was designed from the start to be flexible and transportable between jurisdictions, city, county, state and any political subdivision. Since not every customer uses every component of the software, there is the ability to turn pieces of the application on and off.



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Did you know...that you can create a custom login screen for your O4W application utilizing permission levels.

The creation of a custom O4W login process requires an understanding of O4W permission levels. A permissions number is assigned to each user. "0" is the highest permission, and can run anything; higher numbers (1, 2, 10, etc.) are lower permissions. Each O4W custom stored procedure, report, form, etc., are also assigned a permissions number, and if the logged-in user has a permission number that’s equal to or less than the permissions required for a report, form, etc., then the user is allowed to run the report, form, etc.


Git Extensions and OpenInsight

OpenInsight Git is an interface from OpenInsight to the Git source code management system.  It will be included in OpenInsight v10.

Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.
Git Extensions is the only graphical use interface for Git that allows you to control Git without using the commandline. It comes with a manual and video tutorials to get you started quickly.

OpenEngine Common Gateway Interface v4 (OECGI4)

OECGI4.EXE is the OpenEngine Common Gateway Interface version 4. You utilize OECGI4.EXE as the connection to your OpenInsight application from a web server. Introduced in OpenInsight v10, OECGI4 offers improvements over OECGI3.EXE and OECGI2.EXE, including failover, load balancing, and greater security.

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