July 2015 Newsletter

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July 2015 Newsletter
Building OpenInsight is a Collaborative Effort

As we approach the final stages of initial development on OpenInsight 10, we at Revelation Software would like to thank two of our Solution Partners for their contributions to the product:  Sprezzatura Ltd. and SRP Computer Solutions, Inc.  As many of you know Carl Pates of Sprezzatura has been involved with the development of the OpenInsight 10 Presentation Server.

OI 10 Message

SRP has integrated components of their system editor into the OpenInsight 10 system editor.  

OI10 Editor

Revelation Provides Policy for Success for Midstate Mutual

The June 24, 2015 issue of Database Trends and Applications features an article written by Joyce Wells titled Revelation Provides Policy for Success for Midstate Mutual.

These days, insurance agents and customers expect anywhere, anytime access to policy information.

Midstate Mutual Insurance Company provides property and casualty insurance in New York State, through insurance products that are sold exclusively through independent agencies located throughout upstate New York. Handling insurance mainly for small businesses, farms, and homeowners, its mission is to provide quality protection and excellent service to policyholders through teamwork with these independent agents and staff.

Regional companies such as Midstate play a vital role in providing insurance in locations and for risks that national carriers are often unable or unwilling to serve. However, despite their smaller size, these companies are faced with the same high demands for information availability and mobile access as larger companies.

To meet escalating information technology requirements and stay successful, Midstate, which this year marks its 135th year in business, has evolved to offer online access at any time, and from any device through separate, dedicated portals for agents and customers.

“Our company has a long history in the community and that is something we really pride ourselves on,” said Greg Jarvis, web applications developer at Midstate, which is a longtime Revelation Software customer.  READ ON...

OpenInsight 9.4 and Windows 10

Our preliminary tests have determined that OpenInsight 9.4 runs without any issues on Windows 10 Enterprise Edition.


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Microsoft support for Windows 2003 Server ends on July 14, 2015

It has been well publicized that on July 14th, 2015 Microsoft discontinues product support for its Windows 2003 Server software, which was released in 2003. This means that running Windows 2003 Server when the product is obsolete (after support ends) will increase the risk of technology being affected by cybercriminals attempting to do harm. Also, Windows Server 2003 is a 32-bit software and virtually everything is 64-bit now. Companies are abandoning 32-bit apps for 64-bit apps, so don't expect to update your old applications.


Did you know...

... that you can configure your index updates to run as a background process on your server using the OEngineServer service.



RTI_INDEXER is a non-GUI subroutine which will update indexes and log the results.  It works in conjunction with the RTI_TASK_SCHEDULER.  You can also call it from your own programs.


RTI_INDEXER uses a profile to determine which indexes to update.  There are three sections to the profile. The profile tells the RTI_TASK_SCHEDULER how to launch the task, which indexes to update, and where to log the outcome.  RTI_INDEXER_CONFIG is a window to maintain these profiles.


Tech Tip

Revparam files should be exluded from anti-virus scans

Please be sure to configure your anti-virus software to exclude revparam files as well as files with .LK and .OV extensions.  The UD 4.7 client ( not the UD service ) reads the revparam file when it opens a table.  This means that the revparam is accessed frequently, especially when OpenInsight starts.  This could be a factor in some slowness and freezing that  some uses on Windows 2008 and 2012 server platforms have been experiencing.

Tech Tip

How to implement a jQuery plugin in O4W

If you find yourself in a situation where you need functionality within O4W that is not currently part of the O4W toolset then you can look to the web for that functionality as a jQuery plugin.
The following instructions will help walk you through loading a couple jQuery plugins:

1) Go online and do a search for the type of plugin that you are looking for or just search for sites that offer jQuery plugins and browse through their library to see what they offer.

2) Once found you should download the files needed to your o4w/plugins folder.  For this example we will use  ‘date picker’ and ‘clear control’ plugins that can be found on the following site’s respectively:



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