October 2015 Newsletter

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October 2015 Newsletter
Revelation Software announces the release of the Universal Driver NUL 5.0 for use with OpenInsight 9.4

OpenInsight 9.4 users who have the Universal Driver 4.7 or Universal Driver NUL 4.7 may upgrade to the Universal Driver NUL 5.0 for $995.00.

Westwood, NJ. - October 8, 2015, Revelation Software today announced the availability of the Universal Driver NUL 5.0 for use with OpenInsight 9.4. The Universal Driver NUL 5.0 provides the following features and benefits:

Latest Communication Technology - The Universal Driver NUL 5.0 utilizes the latest communication libraries to provide robust, reliable service between the UD server and its clients.

64-bit – The Universal Driver NUL 5.0 utilizes 64-bit technology and may only be installed on 64-bit versions of Windows Operating Systems (e.g. Server 2008 or Server 2012).

Secure communications option - If desired, the communications channel between the UD server and its clients can be SSL encrypted, preventing unauthorized interception of sensitive information.

Authenticated clients option - If desired, only explicitly authorized client software can connect to the UD server over a secure SSL channel.

Connection Retry - If the communication link between the client and server is temporarily lost, and then restored, the client will attempt to reconnect and resume normal operations.

VSS friendly - The Universal Driver NUL 5.0 is VSS (Volume Snapshot Service) aware and can thus be backed up with minimal disruption to normal operations.

“The release of the Universal Driver 5.0 was originally planned to operate with OpenInsight 10 and above”, said Robert Catalano, Director of Sales, Revelation Software, “Our VARs and customers expressed such a keen interest in VSS support that we engineered the product to work with OpenInsight 9.4.”

The Universal Driver NUL 5.0 will be included at no additional cost with the purchase of OpenInsight 10 licenses.  OpenInsight 9.4 users who have the Universal Driver 4.7 or Universal Driver NUL 4.7 may upgrade to the Universal Driver NUL 5.0 for $995.00.  For customers who are not upgrading the price is $2,899.00.

The Universal Driver NUL 5.0 can co-exist on any 64-bit server running the Universal Driver 4.7 or Universal Driver NUL 4.7.

The Universal Driver NUL 5.0 is available from Revelation Software, or through their network of resellers. See the Universal Driver on Revelation.com for details.

London Revelation User Group and Product Awareness Training a Huge Success!

2015 RUG

RUG and OI10 Training - Why

By Martyn Phillips

As many of you will know, I was in two minds whether to host the recent OpenInsight (OI) 10 Product Awareness Training.  Furthermore, I heard a number of comments about the validity of hosting the event based on OI10 not being ready for a few more months.

However, given what I learned at the last RevUS Conference and the amount of change that is coming, I decided to blindly carry on with my plans.  The new version can be used to make developers more productive, help new developers to become comfortable with the new version more quickly and the benefits to end users on screen and under the hood.  This was way too much to leave for people to work through when the release hits our desks and I wanted to give developers the opportunity to get a good head start.

The three day event was therefore scheduled to host the normal Revelation User Group (RUG) in the morning and then we would get into the OI10 release in more detail over the next two and a half days.

Mike Ruane and Carl Pates did an amazing job as usual and despite working with live and moving code for the demonstrations, the event went very well and the feedback has been very welcome.

To sum things up, I came into work this morning to find an email from Bill North which made the event all the more worthwhile.  Like many OI developers around the world, Bill has been following the OI10 blog and he thought that he had a fairly good idea of what the new version is all about.  However, as he says:

“Even though I had been following the OI10 blog, I was amazed by the amount of changes and enhancements being introduced in OI 10.  So I am looking forward to getting my hands on OI 10 too!”

I guess that you can say that the event was very worthwhile.  I would like to therefore thank Carl and Mike for taking the time out of their busy schedules, to Prashant  for all of the planning and logistics and for Andrew covering for me on Wednesday evening when everyone went out to dinner.  Also, to everyone that took the time to come to London for the event and to raise their awareness about the biggest OI release – probably ever.

If you have the chance to attend another of these events somewhere in the world or the main US conference in March, I can highly recommend them to you.


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Mark your calendars!!

Mark your calendars

The next Revelation Software Users' Conference will be held at the Omni Orlando Resort at Championsgate in Orlando, Florida on April 18-21, 2016.

Surrounded by 36 holes of championship Orlando golf, the Leadbetter Golf Academy World Headquarters and 15 acres of recreation, this Four Diamond resort is one of the nation's premier golf, meeting and leisure retreats.

The resort accommodations, including 720 guest rooms and suites as well as two- and three-bedroom villas, are equipped with every modern convenience and a host of luxury amenities. In addition to walk-out golf, guests may choose to relax in our signature Mokara spa, dine in one of the seven restaurants or enjoy 15 acres of pools and recreation activities including the 850-foot lazy river.

More details to follow in the next few months.

Did you know...

... that you can copy entities from one application to another using SYSCOPYAPPS.

Repository entities are prefixed with an application name which makes it difficult to copy items from one application to another.  The SYSCOPYAPPS form is a handy tool to copy specific types of entities or a complete application from one application to another application.


OpenInsight 10 to include an Authentication Module


The OpenInsight Authentication Module (OAM) builds upon the standard OpenInsight security processes and provides additional enhanced industry standard security processes.  It is included in OpenInsight 10.0 and above.

The module provides support for login policies including locking out of users after a definable number of unsuccessful attempts, password construction requirements, etc.  Sensitive data for policy and user information is stored in AES encrypted records.  In addition, the OAM records ("journals") successful and unsuccessful login attempts, changes to policies and changes to user information.

Administrators will configure login policies, and set up user information, for all applications that require this enhanced security.  End users will log into enhanced security applications twice - once via the normal OpenInsight log in process, and then through the enhanced security screen.  If desired, administrators can hard code the password and application name (in the desktop "shortcut") to remove the end user requirement of logging in via the normal OpenInsight log in process, or - should the network infrastructure support it - Revelation Software recommends that OpenInsight Single Sign-On (SSO) is also enabled for these systems.

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