March 2016 Newsletter

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March 2016 Newsletter
MultiValue Vendors Help Extend MultiValue Systems

The February 10, 2016 issue of Database Trends and Applications features an article written by Adam Shepard titled MultiValue Vendors Help Extend MultiValue Systems.

The days of the one-size-fits-all, all-purpose database are over, and today there is a growing realization that different data management systems offer different benefits and that some are better suited for certain requirements than others. In the MultiValue database world, that fact has long been well-understood, and today there are many mission-critical applications that have been built and fine-tuned over the course of years to support businesses such as banking, education, retail, healthcare, oil and gas, government, and travel. These MultiValue systems and applications continue to add new features, integrate with other systems, and evolve to meet the changing needs of the organizations they serve.

In this special report, DBTA asks MultiValue vendors: What are the current pressures your customers are facing, and how are you helping to extend and leverage their critical MultiValue systems to meet those new requirements?  Hear what the MultiValue experts say:  Read  On...

Linear Hash Reporting and Resizing Tool available for OpenInsight v9.4

In an effort to help assist OpenInsight system administrators manage Linear Hash tables we are publishing a reporting and resizing tool called RTI_LH_STATISTICS.  This tool will enable OpenInsight system administrators to view linear hash statistics within an application and identify and resize poorly hashed tables.

Poorly hashed/sized tables are one of the most significant reasons for degradation in system performance.

The Remake table option of RTI_LH_STATISTICS utilizes a program called RTI_REMAKETABLE.  RTI_REMAKETABLE works by sampling 10% of the rows in a table, calculating the average record size, then making a new pre-sized table with the frame size larger than the average record size and a threshold of 50% to force the table to resize more frequently.  RTI_REMAKETABLE copies the rows from the existing table to the new table, then edits the REVMEDIA record to point to the new table rather than the old and attaches the table again.

 For poorly hashed tables that have been resized the .LK will be larger in size and the .OV smaller in size.  The total size of .LK file + .OV file will most likely increase.  By making a larger .LK and a frame size larger than the average record, the resize program will force most records into the primary (LK) frames.  The result will be that the performance of reads and writes will increase significantly.

You can use this tool on any table, including ! and DICT files, as well as system files such as SYSLISTS and SYSOBJ.  Please be aware that the underlying REV number will change; for example a table whose DOS name was REV12345.LK may become  You can run the window while the system is busy, but when resizing tables, all users and background processes should be stopped.  The process will update the DBT to reflect the new DOS filenames.

RTI_LH_Statistics is available at no cost to all current Works members and can be downloaded from the Works Download section of our web site.


OpenInsight v9.4 "Roll Up" Patch v1 Released

This patch is available to all current Works Members and can be dowloaded from the Works Dowload section of our web site.  The "Roll Up" patch includes all the previous fixes for Openinsight 9.4 in one convenient zip file:

BUTTONDOWN Event Handler Patch for OI 9.4
SQL Connector Patch for OI 9.4 v2
Buffer Overflow Error Patch for OI 9.4 v2
RevelationDotNet 9.4 "Roll Up" Patch
O4W Validation Patch for OI 9.4
QBF Patch for OI 9.4
Arev32 Descending Sort Issue Patch for OI 9.4 v2
Single Sign On Patch for OI 9.4
CTODICT.MFS Patch for OI 9.4 v2
Arev32 Conversion Utility Patch for OI 9.4
Socket Functions Patch for OI 9.4
O4W Popup Patch for OI 9.4
Base64 Encode/Decode Patch for OI 9.4


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Eliminating the risk of a FS231 Network Service Configuration Error

Universal Driver 5.0

As Microsoft's operating systems become more secure the communication between OpenInsight and the Universal Driver can be blocked by the Windows Firewall causing a FS231 Network Service Configuration Error.

Typical Universal Driver 4.7 and Universal Driver 4.7 NUL installs utilize TCP port 777 for communication between OpenInsight and the Linear Hash service as specified in the REVPARAM file.

We recommend creating an Inbound Rule to allow port 777.  If your firewall is managed by Symantec or some other anti-virus software then the inbound rule will need to be put in place with that software.  
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