Software License Agreement Information

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Revelation Software’s Software License Agreements have been carefully and deliberately developed to ensure that both Revelation and licensees of its technology can mutually benefit. Revelation actively enforces these License Agreements.

Revelation Software does not sell its technology and products, but rather licenses their use within a set of specified terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are described in the Software License Agreement. The Software License Agreement may not be amended or altered verbally. The Software License Agreement may not amended or altered unilaterally. 

We take our licensing very seriously, and enforce it vigorously.

It is the Software License Agreement, not technical feasibility, that determines how the licensed software may or may not be used. The ability to utilize the software in a certain manner does not necessarily mean that it is licensed to be used in such a manner. If there is any question about how the software may or may not be used under the terms and conditions of the Software License Agreement, you must contact Revelation Software directly. Any breach of license resulting from misinterpretation of the License Agreement will be addressed in the same manner as willful breach of license. If you have any questions about whether you are in compliance with Revelation’s Software License Agreement, contact Revelation Software immediately.

Types of Software Licenses
Revelation offers two types of software licenses: development licenses and deployment licenses. Development licenses are offered for the purposes of developing and testing applications and application components. Deployment licenses are offered for the purposes of deploying, running and maintaining applications.

The following table summarizes the types of licenses offered for Revelation’s OpenInsight product line. This table is provided solely for informational purposes. Please see the corresponding Software License Agreement for details.

Product Type of License Licensed per Purpose Notes/Restrictions
OpenInsight WORKS Development
"W" serial number
Developer Development and testing of applications and application components. 1. Each developer involved with the development and testing of an application or application components must be individually licensed.
2. Includes a license to network a single copy of the software for use by multiple, properly-licensed developers working as a team. 
3. Collaborative development is licensed at a single release level.
OpenInsight TeamWORKS Development
"W" serial number
Developer Delivery of product upgrades and technical content 1. Each developer involved with the development and testing of an application or application components must be individually licensed.
2. Collaborative development requires that all developers collaborating be WORKS licensees to apply version upgrades or utilize technical content.
Single-User Runtime Deployment
"R" serial number
Unlimited (see Note 1) Access to a locked-down (Runtime) version of the application by a single user. 1. This license is available to a licensees of OpenInsight Development software.
2. The Runtime may not be installed on a network.
3. The Runtime is locked-down (the application may berun but no application components may be created or dynamically generated).
Network User License Deployment
"D" and "M" serial number
Concurrent End User Access to the application on a network by multiple users. 1. Comes in increments of 1 user.
2. The Network User License has full development capability.
Web Deployment Pack Deployment
"D" and "M" serial number
Web Server Access to the application by an unlimited number of web browsers. 1. Requires a minimum of a 10 user Network User License.
Revelation Universal Driver Deployment
"NT" and "NU" serial number
Windows 2000 Server, 2003 Server, 2008 Server Provides performance and stability services. 1. Included with the purchase of a Network User License version 9.x and above.

Publication and Delivery of Revelation’s Software License Agreement

  • A hard copy of the Software License Agreement is delivered, prominently labeled, with every copy of the software delivered on physical media.
  • An electronic version of the Software License Agreement is presented to the user as part of the download process with every copy of the software delivered electronically, prior to the actual download of the software
  • The Software License Agreement is posted HERE, under the appropriate product heading, of Revelation Software’s web site at
  • A copy of the Software License Agreement may be obtained upon request by contact Revelation Software directly.

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