OpenInsight Development Suite 9.4 Released
Includes O4W version 1.5 and improvements to the OEngineServer 
Westwood, NJ - June 14, 2013, Revelation Software today announced the availability of the latest release of OpenInsight Development Suite (OI) 9.4.  OI 9.4 provides the following new components:

* OpenInsight for Web (O4W v1.5) - O4W v1.5 includes enhancements to the dashboards to allow for specification of additional sources for dashboard panels to include O4W Report and BRW report.  Enhancements have also been made to O4W User Management, O4W Table Manager and a new utility function (O4WSWITCHMODE), which allows developers to switch between local and online versions of O4W.

* OEngineServer - The Revelation Software OEngine Server is a java application designed to listen for requests from various client applications; startup, manage, and terminate the database engines for OpenInsight (OEngines); and route requests and responses from the clients to the OEngines.  OI 9.4 has dramatically increased OEngineServer stability and has also added support for UTF8 mode. 

"This release of OpenInsight is evolutionary, rather than revolutionary", said Mike Ruane, President/CEO Revelation Software, "This release includes a number of enhancements as requested by our users and VARs.  For revolutionary improvements, wait for our OpenInsight 10.0 release, which is being worked on actively at this time."

Also included in OI 9.4 are a number of patches and enhancements for the MultiValue Base File System (MVBFS), Banded Report Writer, RevelationDotNet 4.0, OIPI.Net/OIPI, SQL Connector, Editor++/Basic+, OECGI3P.PHP and Arev32/CTO. 

"The improvements to our OEngineServer robustness is a huge breakthrough", said Robert Catalano, Director of Sales, Revelation Software.  "Memory usage has decreased so dramatically that the OEngineServer can run millions of requests without interruption."

OpenInsight Development Suite 9.4 is available from Revelation Software, or through their network of resellers.  SeeREVELATION.COM for details.

Did you know......That you can disable one or more tabs on a multi-tab O4W Form-wizard designed form.

On a multi-tab O4W Form-wizard designed form, you might occasionally wish to programmatically disable one or more tabs (for example, certain tabs might contain information that's not appropriate or relevant for the current record). You can use the commuter module and the "tabs" plugin to achieve this.

Unfortunately, there's no call in the commuter utility to tell us "real time" what all the tabs are, so we have to hard-code which tabs you'll want to disable or enable - so this means that if you go in and add a new tab, you'll need to remember to update your commuter module logic. READ ON...



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The phenomenon that has resulted from the ensuing variety, velocity, and volume of information is called “big data.” And while that term is overused, it is only because it is such a ubiquitous force.  READ ON...


Mike Ruane, President and CEO of Revelation Software will be presenting O4W Mobile at the Seattle Area Pick User Group on June 20, 2013. Attendees will be able to create their own Mobile Pizza Ordering application. For more information click HERE.

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