Revelation Software 2013 Users' Conference a Huge Success
It is hard to believe, but the 2013 Revelation Software Users’ Conference has come and gone. And much like a wedding, what takes a year or more of planning seems to flash by in just a few minutes, leaving us with happy memories and warm stories.

This year the conference was held at the Sheraton Music City Hotel, located in Nashville, Tennessee, a city renowned for its hospitality. A number of different cities had been considered as venues, but Nashville was hands down the best one we found. As attendees from around the globe began to arrive at the hotel in the days before the conference, old friends and acquaintances were met.

The conference officially began on Tuesday evening, April 16th. Starting at seven in the evening, a Welcome Reception brought the attendees together to receive their conference bag, tee shirt, badges and schedule, share a drink, and nibble on some hors d’oeuvres, while meeting with the other attendees.

The next morning we got down to business with the Conference presentations. After a tasty breakfast, the attendees meandered into the larger of the two presentation rooms for Mike Ruane’s Welcome Address.

After welcoming the attendees, highlighting the status of the company, and outlining some of the future plans for the company, Mike introduced the keynote speaker, BILLY KIRSCH. Billy, an award winning songwriter talked about “ROI – Return on Imagination”. With lots of audience participation, he crafted a Revelation themed song, incorporating many of the ideas and features of Revelation Software products. While not the sort of keynote address one would normally expect at a software conference, the attendees seemed thoughtful about some of the creative ideas he expressed, and most found the session a fun way to get the conference started.

Check out This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.' blog on his Adventures in Revelation's O4W
With this blog I hope to show the care and feeding of O4W from OpenInsight. Knowledge of OpenInsight will be very helpful to follow along ... and if you are already very knowledgeable in O4W you might just pass this by. I will be learning O4W 2.0 along the way ... warts, mistakes and all. Although I have done web page programming with PHP with connections to MySql and OpenInsight data I do not pretend to be a web designer by any means. This will be more a how to setup and get some stuff done. Hopefully for the uninitiated and those that couldn't get to the conference. READ ON... 


Mike Ruane, President and CEO of Revelation Software will be presenting O4W Mobile at the Seattle Area Pick User Group on June 20, 2013. Attendees will be able to create their own Mobile Pizza Ordering application. For more information click HERE.


Did you know......Storing frequently accessed values in memory rather than on disk is a technique for improving your applications performance. One useful tool is an in-memory hashtable, also known as key/value storage. The hashtable lets you write a value to a key and read it later. several OpenInsight offers tools to help you hold values in memory. Each tool has strengths and weaknesses. READ ON...


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