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February 2019 Newsletter
OpenInsight 10 named in DBTA Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management 2019

You can call it the new oil, or even the new electricity, but however it is described, it’s clear that data is now recognized as an essential fuel flowing through organizations and enabling never before seen opportunities. However, data cannot simply be collected; it must be handled with care in order to fulfill the promise of faster, smarter decision making.

More than ever, it is critical to have the right tools for the job. Leading IT vendors are coming forward to help customers address the data-driven possibilities by improving self-service access, real-time insights, governance and security, collaboration, high availability, and more.  Read On...

What's New in OpenInsight 10.0.5
Presentation Server

LISTBOX object
  • Added SELLIST, SELLISTTEXT properties
  • Added trigger control as an index to the SAVEWARN property
  • Identify the triggering control when processing the SAVEWARNINFO SYSMSG event.
  • Added SAVEWARN method to SetDebugger call
  • Added PSEF_OVERRIDE_FORCE flag to reflected events that aren't forced by the PS
  • Optimized GOTFOCUSVALUE and PREVCELLPOS processing for data validation.
  • Added MOVE, OFFSET methods.
System Monitor
  • Updated Eval command to use REV_COMPILER_MAIN
  • Added "LE" method for listing Repository entities
  • Increased depth of comment box
  • Trim/Sort functions EditTable before saving, updated TrimOptions
IDE General
  • Added Event Configuration dialog
  • Added external IDE broadcast message handler
  • Updated progress dialog for rebuilding System Indexes
  • Added RELOADMRU method to the IDE config proc.
  • Added images to menu items
  • Implemented BYTE SAFEARRAY processing for OleGetProperty
  • Added new routine RTI_CREATE_USER_DETAILS to expose all values needed for user creation/modification in new authentication system
  • When updating OpenInsight license (via Settings/Application Settings in IDE), allow for entry of auth code with new serial number (after confirmation) to change system serial number
Indexing/Select Processing
  • Speed improvements across all indexing routines
  • Integrate OI indexing updates with AREV64 routines
  • Better notification and updates to IDE, including reduced frequency of yields
  • Additional support for non-zero cursors
  • Updated OIPI.Net for better high-dpi support
  • Improved OIPI and OIPI.Net performance on repeated GET_PRINTER("INFO") calls

Click HERE for a copy of the OpenInsight 10.0.5 ChangeLog. 
How To Deploy OpenInsight 10 To Your Customers
Deployment in OpenInsight 10 is significantly different from prior versions. Because system information is now encrypted on a per-system basis, you must tell the copy of OpenInsight 10 that you are changing the serial number (which is used in the encryption process) _before_ you change it.  Failure to do this will result in a system that cannot be accessed (until you put the original serial number back into the system).

The steps to making a deployment as you want are as follows:

1. Request, and receive, the new authorization code from Revelation Software with the new serial number and new number of users;
2. In your "master" OpenInsight 10 system, in SYSPROG, go to the Settings/Users/Policy Setup menu choice in the IDE;
3. In the policy configuration window, check the box "System Deployment Preparation" and press the OK button;
4. In the Serial Number Entry dialog that appears, enter (and re-enter to verify) the new serial number you obtained from Revelation Software and press the OK button;
5. Remove or change as appropriate the REVPARAM file from the cloned copy of OpenInsight before deployment;
6. Clone your copy of OpenInsight 

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OpenInsight 10

OpenInsight 10.0.5 Full Installation released

This is a full installation of Revelation Software’s flagship product OpenInsight Development Suite v10.0.5.

Works Members can download OpenInsight 10.0.5 from the Works Downloads section of our web site.

OpenInsight 10.0.5 Update released

This is an update of Revelation Software’s flagship product OpenInsight Development Suite v10.0.5.

Works Members can download OpenInsight 10.0.5 from the Works Downloads section of our web site.

 OpenInsight 9.4 "Roll Up" Patch v5.1 released
This patch includes additional fixes to RTP16 (xlate), all the patches and fixes from the previous "Roll Up" patches, as well as:

- An updated datatbl.dll and oinsight.exe to fix changes in how Windows displays forms;
- A fixed DICT_MFS_BUILD to ensure that associated group names are included when a dictionary's %FIELDS% record is rebuilt;
- A fixed RTP16 (XLATE) to restore previous functionality when explicitly passing a null in parameter 5;
- An enhancement to OIPI (VSPRINTER1) to improve performance

After installing this patch, your system will report that it is running version 9.4.4.

This zip file contains an updated RevelationDotNetSetup.msi, RevelationDotNetSetup.exe, revjapi.dll, OESocketServer.jar, OInsight.exe and an OpenInsight RDK, for use in OpenInsight 9.4.0 systems. This patch replaces the original "Roll Up" Patch v1 released on March 3, 2016, the second "Roll Up" Patch v2 released on March 8, 2016, the “Roll Up” Patch v3 released on June 13, 2017, and the "Roll Up" Patch v4 (and v4_1) released on January 5, 2018, and includes all the previous fixes for OpenInsight 9.4.

Works Members can download this patch from the
Works Downloads section of our web site.

New Create User Details function

OpenInsight 10.0.5 and above introduces a new function called RTI_CREATE_USER_DETAILS that allows developers the ability to create a new user or modify information about an existing user in the OpenInsight database.

OpenInsight 10 provides support for login policies including locking out of users after a definable number of unsuccessful attempts, password construction requirements, etc. Sensitive data for policy and user information is stored in AES encrypted records.  Policies and users are maintained via the OpenInsight 10 IDE.

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