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April 2019 Newsletter
What's New in OpenInsight 10.0.6
OpenInsight 10.0.6 was released on April 11, 2019.  Here's what's new:
Presentation Server
  • Optimized page swap rendering
  • Implemented PAGESWAPRENDERMODE property for paging components
  • Implemented REPAINT method
  • Added Repaint parameter to the INVALIDATE method
  • Removed "inherited event" processing
  • Added RDW_FRAME when setting REDRAW back to TRUE$        
  • Implemented Relative time specifiers for VALUE-based properties
WINDOW object
  • Implemented READPREV method 
  • Improved performance by reducing redundant output (for duplicate events and classes)
  • Added new event "classlink" for optimization (used for example with a whole table of links or buttons so that there's only a single function that gets called to act on the click, based on a class name )
O4W Form Wizard
  • Changed to use new optimized classclick event instead of individual qualifyevents on icon buttons
  • Added ability to specify foreground and background colors on search results page
O4W Report Wizard
  • Changed to use new optimized classclick event instead of individual qualifyevents when called as multiselect popup
Lock Manager (OI Console)
  • Changed to use new classclick event
Banded Report Writer (BRW)    
  • Added support for SYSDICT items.  Example code added to supplied RTI_BRW_SUPPORT example routine.

  • New routine to optimize multiple sequential SELECT statements, when issued either to local OI system or backend BFS.
  • Subroutine accepts a series of SELECT statements (@fm delimited), determines if local or server selects, runs the statements as a block, and returns the final set of keys as an active select list.
  • Currently implemented for OI, D3, QM hosts.

 Click HERE for a copy of the OpenInsight 10.0.6 ChangeLog. 

Enhancing an OpenInsight report for use with O4W
If you've got an existing OI report that generates OIPI/OIPI.Net output, there are a few options for how you might make this same output available via the browser to O4W users.

If the existing report is basically data-driven (for example, if the output could be effectively generated via R/List), there are some easy options.  One choice is to recreate the report using the O4W Report Wizard.  This will allow you to create a "collector" window (for any prompts) and then specify which fields you wish to display, and allows you to include any R/List style modifiers (total, break-on, etc.).  Since this report is designed for web output, it is fully interactive, and allows the user to download the results.  The second choice is to create a Banded Report Writer (BRW) report, which can then be called from the browser to generate PDF outputs.

If neither of these "easy options" is appropriate – for example, the output cannot be easily represented as an R/List report – then modifications to the basic+ code are necessary. These break down into two pieces:
1. Prompting for data required to run the report, and
2. Generating output for display in the browser. 

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The OpenInsight 10 Command Channel

One of the features within the OpenInsight 10 Manangement Console is the Command Channel.

The Command Channel (Chat) provides OpenInsight database administrators with the ability to:

• Check if a session is running
• Logoff a session
• Cancel a select
• Send a message to a session
• Apply a Nickname to a session ID
• Reload a stored procedure

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OpenInsight 10

OpenInsight 10.0.6 Full Installation released

This is a full installation of Revelation Software’s flagship product OpenInsight Development Suite v10.0.6.

Works Members can download OpenInsight 10.0.6 from the Works Downloads section of our web site.

OpenInsight 10.0.6 Update released

This is an update of Revelation Software’s flagship product OpenInsight Development Suite v10.0.6.

Works Members can download OpenInsight 10.0.6 from the Works Downloads section of our web site.

2019 DBTA Readers' Choice Awards: Voting is Open

Voting is now open for the 2019 Database Trends and Applications Readers' Choice Awards.

Unlike other awards programs that rely on our editorial staff's evaluations, the DBTA Readers' Choice Awards are unique in that the winning information management solutions are chosen by you—the people who actually use them.

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New MultiValue Industry Logo and Pick Video Education Series Unveiled

Zumasys has announced the availability of a new open website for the PICK MultiValue industry called The website includes:

• Access to MultiValue branded resources including an all new, revamped MultiValue logo.
• PICK video training content which is free and available for unlimited consumption.
• Links to a dozen knowledge resources, discussion boards and programming resources.

Designed to help companies train young developers who are new to PICK,  features a series of training videos for training programmers on MultiValue. The first video in the series, A Beginner’s Guide to How MultiValue Databases Operate, is now available. More videos will be released in coming months on topics including the query language, integrating with mainstream editors, introduction to PICK Basic, system administration and more. The content will be duplicated to an eponymous Facebook page and YouTube channel.

The new MultiValue cube logo was redesigned to bring increased awareness to the role these databases play in the $4B NoSQL market. Visitors to the site can download the logo for use on everything from websites, product brochures, email signatures and business cards. The logo is accompanied by a style guide that details how and where to use the logo for best effect.

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