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September 2019 Newsletter
Revelation Software Helps Software and Services Company Stay Agile

The August 28, 2019 issue of Database Trends and Applications features an article written by Stephanie Simone titled Revelation Software Helps Software and Services Company Stay Agile.

California-based BleuPelikan provides software products and services that revolve around Revelation Software to business and consumers. Launched in 2004, the company has focused on software for business transformation strategies that revitalize and invigorate companies since 2010.

Since the early 1980s, Greg Helland, president and CEO of BleuPelikan, has been working with Revelation, which offers a suite of development tools, a database, and companion services that leverage leading computing architectures and operating environments. Revelation’s OpenInsight is a database development suite for NoSQL MultiValue (as well as industry-leading SQL databases) that provides Windows, Web 2.0, and .NET tools used to develop and deploy mission-critical applications.

“The company has a long history and I stay with it because it’s bulletproof, it works, and it makes development easy,” Helland said.

The Challenge

Recently, BleuPelikan was engaged to help turn around a failing food manufacturing and distribution company.  A key challenge was the calculation of commissions, which was taking two full-time employees an excessive amount of time using spreadsheets.

By providing its flagship product, PeliKalc, BleuPelikan enabled the customer to capture all the allowable deductions and sift through data with speed. This helped to reduce the time spent on the calculation of commissions to 2 hours per month, resulting in significant savings in both time and money, Helland explained.

The Solution

PeliKalc was created as a commission and reporting system to solve the age-old problem of accurately calculating and reporting broker commissions. Done manually, the process can be both time-consuming and error-prone.

PeliKalc, built on Revelation’s OpenInsight, provides food manufacturers and sales organizations with actionable review of informational reports to keep margins and sales on target and in budget. The application includes food broker calculation and reporting to ensure that companies are accurately paying brokers on time as well as taking all allowable deductions. It also provides complete unit-based sales forecasting and production planning tools, sales history and gross margin analysis.

Flexibility for the Future

“OpenInsight is so flexible for changing business rules,” Helland said. “We are able to address the changes a customer wants or needs very quickly. It’s also much less expensive to do custom work for customers using OpenInsight versus Oracle or SQL Server.”

Helland can create a prototype, show a customer what a piece of software will enable, and make it all happen rapidly so that companies and employees can spend their time on more valuable initiatives rather than mundane calculation work. “We are giving organizations actionable reports and Excel spreadsheets that are the basis for great sales and marketing decisions,” Helland said.

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Revelation Software named in DBTA 100 2019 - The Companies That Matter Most in Data

The stakes for expert data management continue to escalate. Data volumes are expanding rapidly and it is well-understood today that companies that harness the value of this precious commodity will be the winners.

With a growing appreciation for data’s value, spending on data management and analytics products and services is also on the rise. IDC forecasts revenues for big data and business analytics solutions will reach $189.1 billion in 2019 with double-digit annual growth projected through 2022, according to its “Worldwide Semiannual Big Data and Analytics Spending Guide.”

A new Unisphere Research report sponsored by Pythian also reveals that the vast majority of respondents believe that a well-documented data strategy is critical to their ability to deliver value to the business, and just about all respondents, 97%, have a documented data strategy (“Profiling the Data-Driven Business,” 2019).   Read on... 
Major Changes in the OpenInsight 10.0.7 Release
OpenInsight now provides an option to change the precision of mathematical operations. This can be set by calling the setEPMode stored procedure, passing in 1 to enable and 0 to disable the functionality. By default, the extended precision math will maintain 32 digits of precision, but this can be modified by calling the setEPModePrecision stored procedure, passing in the number of digits of precision desired. Both the enabling of extended precision, and the default number of digits, can also be defined in the application properties. The following operators/functions are affected: +, +=, -, -=, *, /, ==, =, !=, <>, >, <, >=,<=, mod(), int(), abs(), atan(), cos(), exp(), ln(), pwr(), sin(), sqrt(), tan()

OpenInsight's RLIST functionality and performance have also been improved starting with the 10.0.7 release. A new version of RLIST (RLISTX), which optionally replaces and extends RLIST, is available to enable these enhancements. RLISTX merges the features of RLIST, SELECT_INTO, OLIST/RUN_REPORT, and RTI_XBAND. One obvious change is the ability to pass in multiple select statements to RLIST in a single call, @FM delimited. Using the Record Editor, or the Configuration Record option from the OI Console, you must create a CFG_RTI_RLIST record in SYSENV, with RLISTX in field 1. If this record doesn’t exist, or has anything other than RLISTX in field 1, then normal RLIST behavior ("RLIST 9") and functionality will remain. (Note that the CFG_RTI_RLIST information is cached by your system; after changing this value, you should exit and re-enter OpenInsight).

The MultiValue BFS (MVBFS) connections for QM, D3 and U2 have been enhanced to submit multiple select lists to the "back end" host for bulk processing whenever possible. This enhancement can result in significant performance improvements when using an MVBFS connection. Note that these changes work in conjunction with the RLISTX changes discussed above; you must enable RLISTX and install a "plugin" stored procedure on the host system to access these changes. There is now a button on the MVBFS connection designer which will install this plugin (a program named RTI_MVBFS_SERVER_PLUGIN_U2, RTI_MVBFS_SERVER_PLUGIN_D3, or RTI_MVBFS_SERVER_PLUGIN_QM).

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OpenInsight 10

OpenInsight 10.0.7 Full Installation released

This is a full installation of Revelation Software’s flagship product OpenInsight Development Suite v10.0.7.

Works Members can download OpenInsight 10.0.7 from the Works Downloads section of our web site.

OpenInsight 10.0.7 Update released

This is an update of Revelation Software’s flagship product OpenInsight Development Suite v10.0.7.

Works Members can download OpenInsight 10.0.7 from the Works Downloads section of our web site.

Enabling "Dynamic" Virtual Directories in OpenInsight 10.0.7 and above

Dynamic Virtual Directories are only available for connections made from INSIDE the OpenInsight 10 IDE, and only TO the web server built into the Engine Server

When accessing any page through a web server, you may need to specify a "virtual directory" - for example, in the url "http://localhost:18888/console/start.htm", "console" is the virtual directory.  The virtual directory tells the web server where to physically find any files that are specified, and (in the case of Revelation Software's OECGI products) it may also provide the details necessary to connect into OpenInsight. Again using the example url "http://localhost:18888/console/start.htm", the web server will look at whatever physical folder the virtual "console" folder is mapped to for the static "start.htm" file, and - if there is any oecgi connection required - it will look for the application, username, password, etc. associated with that "console" virtual directory.

Normally, virtual directories are set up in advance of their use - this is required so that the web server "knows" where to find the files when they're referenced. When using the web server built in to the engine server, this information is defined in the engine server configuration file (eserver.cfg); when using IIS, this information is defined in the registry of the web server system; and when using php, this information is defined in the php "ini" file specified in the php routine.  However, this means that for every application in OpenInsight that you wish to access via the web, you must explicitly create a virtual directory.  And, inside the OpenInsight 10 IDE, you must define (in the settings for that application) that that should be the virtual directory used.  This is controlled via the Settings menu, IDE Settings option, Engine Server suboption, with the prompt "Virtual directory to use to launch O4W in the IDE".

If, for example, the "Virtual directory to use to launch O4W in the IDE" is set to "console" in the settings for an application, then the "console" virtual directory will always be used for any O4W connections made in the IDE (including for the OI Console, any O4W reports, forms, etc.).  Since the "console" virtual directory is defined in the eserver.cfg to  log into the SYSPROG application, then any O4W access made from the application WILL USE THE SYSPROG APPLICATION (rather than the current application).  This can easily lead to confusion, since you or your developers might expect that launching O4W from the (for example) DEVELOPMENT application would connect to the DEVELOPMENT application as well.

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 The OpenInsight Operating System BFS
Although previous versions of OpenInsight provided a rudimentary facility to treat Windows directories as multivalue files, OpenInsight 10 has formalized this process by providing an Operating System DataSource type (OSD).  Using the OSD Basic Filing System (BFS), developers and end-users can access Windows files as OpenInsight records; each defined Windows directory is treated as an OpenInsight table.

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