Key data management trends have emerged that are shaping the capabilities of IT products and services for 2020 and beyond.

The assortment of challenges and resulting solutions is wide-ranging. With data flowing into organizations from more sources than ever, the requirement for efficient data integration and data cleansing has never been greater. In addition, due to the growing assortment of data privacy regulations, the need for data governance best practices has also increased. At the same time, a variety of cloud scenarios are on the rise, data warehouse approaches are working alongside data lakes, and numerous data management technologies are being tapped to address specific requirements.

To help support data management processes and decision making, artificial and augmented intelligence is being infused into products and services—in the cloud, the enterprise, and at the edge. DevOps products have emerged to help improve software development, and now DataOps is progressing to enable analytics success.

Yet, as newer approaches come into view, established mainframe, relational database, and MultiValue technologies are evolving with new features as they continue to maintain strong positions at the enterprise level.

The result is that the range of solution choices is expanding dramatically. The variety of options is evidenced by the frequent use of prefixes such as "multi," "hybrid," and "not only" that have surfaced to describe the fact that there is no single approach to data management or analytics.

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