OpenInsight 8.0.8 Released
Westwood, NJ. – February 13 , 2009, The OpenInsight 8.0.8 upgrade is now available for download from The Works Download section of our web site. The upgrade can only be applied to OpenInsight versions 8.0.3 through 8.0.7. New to OpenInsight 8.0.8 are enhancements to Arev32 and a fix to an error with LOSTFOCUS when FOCUS was lost to a non-OpenInsight window. You can download the OpenInsight 8.0.8 readmeHERE.

OpenInsight 9.0 Upgrade Process
For a complete explanation of the various upgrade paths to OpenInsight Development Suite 9.0 click HERE.

Configuring IIS for WebOI on Vista
If you have a Vista Workstation and you are looking to configure IIS for use with WebOI click HERE for a step by step installation document.

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Did You Know…

In the OpenInsight Development Suite 9.0, a new .Net version of the OIPI Print engine is available and is the system default.

Current functionality can be maintained by modifying the CFG_OIPI record in the SYSENV file. The value VSPRINTER in field one of the record will use the 'classic' OIPI engine; a value of VSPRINTER2 will use the new .Net engine.

Usage of OIPI or OIPI.NET can be controlled on a per application, per user, or per procedure basis as well. The CFG_OIPI record controls the default behavior for the entire system; however, if there is a CFG_OIPI*<appname> (for example, CFG_OIPI*SYSPROG) SYSENV record, then this application-specific record will control the choice between OIPI and OIPI.NET for that particular application (overriding the system-wide default found in CFG_OIPI, if any). Similarly, if there is a CFG_OIPI*<appname>*<username> (for example, CFG_OIPI*SYSPROG*REVGUY), then this user-specific record will control the choice and override any application or system-wide setting.

Finally, if you do wish to use OIPI.NET for specific reports only, you can modify those reports to call SET_PRINTER2 and GET_PRINTER2 (instead of the normal SET_PRINTER and GET_PRINTER). SET_PRINTER2 and GET_PRINTER2 instruct the system to use OIPI.NET exclusive of the CFG_OIPI records. So you could have all your reports using OIPI except those that you specifically modify to use the new functionality.