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Revelation Software Becomes an Authorized Reseller of Freedombase Software from Freedomsoft

Westwood, NJ. – October 27, 2006. Revelation Software is pleased to announce that it has signed a Value Added Reseller agreement with Freedomsoft Pty Ltd. to become an authorized reseller of Freedombase Web Ready software.

Freedombase Web Ready is a quick and easy way to add Web front ends to existing multidimensional/post relational applications, providing a fast and cost effective means of rejuvenating existing or legacy systems, and retaining the investment that those systems represent.

“We look forward to working with Revelation and its community of developers and end users to being the software of choice when porting their applications to the Web”, states Glenn Groves, Managing Director, Freedomsoft. Robert Catalano, Director of Sales, Revelation Software added “Having Freedombase as part of our product mix allows fully customizable Web interfaces to be added to OpenInsight applications, both via porting existing GUI forms and popups to the Web, and through the creation of new Web pages integrated with the application.”

Freedombase Web Ready is available for OpenInsight Release 7.2 and utilizes Revelation’s OECGI2 engine server technology.

For more information about Freedombase Web Ready, go to or give us a call at 800-262-4747.

About Freedomsoft
Freedomsoft provides a rapid and affordable, Web based, database driven and enabled software service. The company has offices in New South Wales, Australia and Coronado, California.

About Revelation Software
Founded in 1982, Revelation Software delivers a suite of application development tools and companion services that take full advantage of leading network computing architectures, and client server platforms. The company's flagship product OpenInsight is the only database development and application environment that provides Windows, Linux and Java-based GUI tools to develop and deploy web-based and client server applications that support native and relational XML, SQL, and the leading legacy Multi-Value data sources such as ARev, Pick and IBM Universe. There are more than 1.6 million licensed users of Revelation products across 80,000 deployed sites worldwide. The company has offices in Westwood, New Jersey, as well as a European distributor in the United Kingdom, and an Asia Pacific subsidiary in Australia.

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