The OpenInsight 10 Command Channel

One of the features within the OpenInsight 10 Management Console is the Command Channel.  The Command Channel (Chat) provides OpenInsight database administrators with the ability to:

• Check if a session is running
• Logoff a session
• Cancel a select
• Send a message to a session
• Apply a Nickname to a session ID
• Reload a stored procedure

To enable the OpenInsight Command chat from the Management Console, go to System Configuration, Configuration Records, CCHAT.  You must enable Command Chat.  Also please ensure the port 18889 is enabled for Command Requests in EngineServer, eServer Configuration, Command Server tab.

The engine server can communicate with individual OpenInsight desktop clients via the "command channel."  This will allow for management of the desktop clients from the central server.

Enable Command Chat (eserver.cfg setting CommandPort_Disabled): Select whether the command port functionality is enabled.

Port Number for Command Requests (eserver.cfg setting CommandPort): The port number that will be used for the "command chat".  Default is 18889.

The Engine Server password is: REVSOFT.

In the above example, a User is selected and we are sending the message "Please log off for System Administration" expecting an OK response back from the User.

The OpenInsight 10 IDE for that user receives a message and must provide a response back to the Command Channel.

The User has provided the Command Channel with an OK response.

In the above example, the Command Channel sent the message "Is it time to go home yet?" and the User responded "Soon".  Note that the User Session has been given the Nickname Bob’s PC.

In the above example, the Command Channel has issued a Log off session command and has received a response from the User "Kill message sent".  The OpenInsight IDE has been terminated on that workstation.

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