As you probably know OpenInsight has plenty of command line switches and naturally for version 10 we’ve managed to add some more.  Here’s a list so far of the old and new ones (We’ll take a look at the new ones in a later post):

Switch Description
TB Taskbar ID
AP Application ID
UN Username
PW Password
SN ServerName
QN QueueName
AE AutoExec
CA Caption
DV DevMode
SM Show Monitor
NS No Spy
HI Hide PS
HE Hide Engine
BN Show Banner
SI Single Instance
EL Elevate
MD Minimum Banner Display
EP Engine Path
2D Use Direct 2D rendering
DP Use DPI scaling

Of course remembering to add all these to a shortcut can be tedious and error prone, so a new feature of OI 10 is the RXI (Revelation Xml Ini) file. This is basically a configuration file that stores the equivalent of these switches for a specific application and is parsed when the Presentation Server is first booted.

The contents of an RXI file are simple XML which looks like this:

<revPS appID="SYSPROG">
 <caption>Revelation X Dev System</caption>

An RXI file can be created for each of your OI applications using the Application ID as the file name with an extension of “.rxi”, e.g.

  • sysprog.rxi
  • examples.rxi
  • zzxadm.rxi

To use the RXI file specify the appropriate Application ID with the “/AP” command line switch when you start OpenInsight.  It is important to note that any of the settings contained within an RXI file are overridden by it’s corresponding command line switch if the switch is present.

Another point to bear in mind is that just as with command line switches the information contained within an RXI file is only used when the Presentation Server is first booted.  For example if you boot into SYSPROG and then change the application to EXAMPLES the “examples.rxi” file will not be processed.  This is because the information in the RXI file can only be processed and applied at boot-time.

[Edit: 01 Feb 13 – AM switch renamed to TB and taskBarID]

[Edit: 08 Jan 13 – Added DPI Scaling modifications]

(Disclaimer: This article is based on preliminary information and may be subject to change in the final release version of OpenInsight 10).