Years in the making, the Universal Driver is now here. Purchase a single product, and then decide if you want to install it on a Windows server, a Netware server or a Linux server.


Who should purchase the Universal Driver 3.0?


There are a few groups that fit this category. If you are running Netware with IP or want to, then you will need to run this with your Revelation-based applications. If you have your Revelation-based applications running from a Linux server, this is also for you. Running your Revelation-based applications from a Windows Server? You guessed it - this product is for you.


Why should you purchase the Universal Driver?


The benefits of the Revelation network products are well known:


Protection from data corruption.

Data corruption can occur for a variety of reasons, including bad network cabling, power fluctuations, hardware errors, no record locking, or users aborting processes. Often it is impossible to predict or prevent such events. The Revelation Universal Driver protects you against data corruption when such events do occur by recognizing that an error occurred and notifying the user,while protecting the data table from incomplete transactions, virtually eliminating data corruption errors (Group Format Errors).


Increased speed performance.

The Revelation Network Products are designed to enable database activity to be off-loaded onto the file server. This architecture dramatically reduces the amount of network requests. The reduction of network requests translates to increased performance. Benchmarks show a dramatic performance increase on local area networks (LANs), and an even greater increase on wide area networks(WANs).


Reduced Downtime

Costs mount very quickly when your users can't use the system. The real cost of data corruption is the downtime created while the appropriate back-ups are found and restored. If the system can't be restored with a recent back-up, the information must be re-entered, taking additional precious resources.


Also,If you have been waiting to move from your current Network Operating System to a Linux server, we did not have a Network Product that could protect your Revelation application data. The Universal Driver 3.0 will provide that protection as well as give you speed increases.


Why should I upgrade to the Universal Driver?


Depending on your situation, you have probably been waiting to use the Universal Driver. As Netware servers have progressed, they have embraced the ability to use IP instead of IPX. Until the Universal Driver 3.0, Revelation Network Products for Netware needed IPX, which in some networks is a drawback. That is no longer the case.


If you are currently running the Windows NT or 2000 Service, there have been modifications to the Service portion of the Universal Driver 3.0 to improve stability.


What else is different from the previous Network Products?


There is only one REVPARAM file no matter how many different subdirectories you have with .LK and .OV files.


There is now support for files larger than 4 gigabytes.


Support for very large frame sizes.


You can hide your .LK and .OV from your users.


The LHVerify facility is integrated onto the server side.


If you are using Netware, the Universal Driver 3.0 will not run using IPX.



What configurations does the Revelation Universal Driver 3.0 work with?






Server Version Minimums

NT 4.0 SP6a

Win2K SP1

Netware 5.1 SP6

Netware 6.0 SP3

RedHat 8.0


Possibly others



Will the Universal Driver work with Advanced Revelation?


Yes, it will work with Advanced Revelation, 16-bit OpenInsight and 32-bit OpenInsight.


Will the Universal Driver work with Windows 95/98 workstations?


No, it will only work with NT, 2000 and XP workstations. On networks where you have a mix of NT/2000/XP and 95/98 workstations, if you install the Universal Driver, the 95/98 workstations will not run Revelation-based applications.


Talk more about the Linux aspect of the Universal Driver.


The Universal Driver allows you to run a Windows-compiled version of OpenInsight or Advanced Revelation on a Linux machine using a SAMBA connection. This allows Windows workstations to access the Linux"Server" with OpenInsight or Advanced Revelation on it.


For pure Linux networks, you will need OpenInsight for Linux, or OIL.


Can I upgrade from an NLM to the Windows Server portion of the Universal Driver?


No you cannot switch Server platforms by purchasing an upgrade to the Universal Driver. You will need to purchase a full installation of the Universal Driver if you are switching from one Server platform to another.


Any other Caveats?


There is one: because of the new >4 gig file ability, and large frame size, any new files you create with the Universal Driver 3.0 can only be accessed by applications that have the Universal Driver 3.0 as well. 


What is the pricing?


The best place to get pricing is the Network ProductOrder Form.