Who should purchase the Universal Driver 4.5?


If you are running a multi-user Revelation-based application on a Windows Server,then this product is for you.


Why should you purchase the Universal Driver?


The benefits of the Revelation network products are well known:


Protection from data corruption.

Data corruption can occur for a variety of reasons, including bad network cabling, power fluctuations, hardware errors, no record locking, or users aborting processes. Often it is impossible to predict or prevent such events. The Revelation Universal Driver protects you against data corruption when such events do occur by recognizing that an error occurred and notifying the user,while protecting the data table from incomplete transactions, virtually eliminating data corruption errors (Group Format Errors).


Increased speed performance.

The Revelation Network Products are designed to enable database activity to be off-loaded onto the file server. This architecture dramatically reduces the amount of network requests. The reduction of network requests translates to increased performance. Benchmarks show a dramatic performance increase on local area networks (LANs), and an even greater increase on wide area networks(WANs).


Reduced Downtime

Costs mount very quickly when your users can't use the system. The real cost of data corruption is the downtime created while the appropriate back-ups are found and restored. If the system can't be restored with a recent back-up, the information must be re-entered, taking additional precious resources.


Why should I upgrade to the Universal Driver 4.5?


The Universal Driver 4.5 provides backward compatibility with all previous versions of Linear Hash files which is not available with the Universal Driver 3.0.  Also included with the Universal Driver 4.5 is a console application (the LH Manager) that allows you to manage record locks without having to stop the Linear Hash Service, as well as view the active connections to your applications.


What are some of the other great features of the Universal Driver 4.5?


        There is only one REVPARAM file no matter how many different subdirectories you have with .LK and .OV files.

        There is support for files larger than 4 gigabytes.

        There is support for large frame sizes up to 100K.

        You can 'hide' your .LK and .OV from your users.

        The LHVerify facility is integratedonto the server side, allowing much faster performance.

        Registry settings and REVPARAM file created automatically.



What configurations does the Revelation Universal Driver 4.5work with?


Server                        Version Minimum

Windows                             Win2K3 SP1,  Win2K SP1, NT 4.0SP6a,

Novell                                   Not available at thistime

Linux                                     Not available atthis time



Will the Universal Driver work with Windows 95/98 workstations?


No, it will only work with NT, 2000 and XP workstations. On networks where you have a mix of NT/2000/XP and 95/98 workstations, if you install any version of the Universal Driver, the 95/98 workstations will not run Revelation-based applications.


Will the Universal Driver 4.5 work with Arev?


Yes,the Universal Driver 4.5 will work with Arev 2.03 and above, and OpenInsight 4.1 and above.


What is the pricing?


The price for a new install of the Universal Driver 4.5 is $2,395.00.


Upgrade pricing is as follows:


From Universal Driver 4.0 to Universal Driver 4.5 is free.  (Shipping and handling charges apply).

From Universal Driver 3.0 to Universal Driver 4.5 is $715.00.

From Revelation 2.1 Service to Universal Driver 4.5 is $995.00.

From Revelation 1.5 Service to Universal Driver 4.5 is $1,195.00.


Here is the Universal Driver 4.5 Installation Manual.


The Universal Driver 4.5 is a shippable product due to it's large size.