How to perform a silent install of the Universal Driver 4.7

The Universal Driver 4.7 setup.exe supports the following parameters:

/S = <silent install>
/A = <serial number>
/F = <startmenu folder>
/E = <statusfile>
/G = <startmenu flag>
/D = <UDdirectory>
/O = <OIdirectory>
/P = <tcpipport>
/V = <servername>
/N = <namedpipename>
/T = <use tcpip flag>
/U = <upgrade flag>

For a new installation set /U=0, for an upgrade set /U=1.

This silent install can be run either from a BAT file or Powershell script.  Both the BAT file or Powershell script must be executed Run as administrator.

As a line in a BAT file is as follows:

c:\Temp\UD47Bundled\setup.exe /S /O= "c:\Revsoft\OInsight94" /A= NU123456789 /P= 777 /V= myServer /N = "None" /F= /E= "c:\Temp\UD47_silent_install.log" /G=0 /T=1 /U=1