April 2015 Newsletter

Revelation Software
April 2015 Newsletter
A View from the Revelation Conference 2015

By Sprezzatura

Well, we've just finished the Rev conference and I think we can safely say that for us, at least, it has been one of the most satisfying in quite some time.

Revelation took the decision that for this conference, the only people speaking would be Revelation Staff and one honourary Rev Staff member (take a bow our very own Carl Pates). The idea was that the major focus of this conference was to be OI 10 - and no one outside Rev had seen or had access to this product - not even us at Sprezz Towers. In honesty I did get a very small (say two minute) preview of a bit of it on the plane to the conference but that was because everyone would be seeing it a day or two later!

The venue chosen for the conference was slightly more luxurious than normal and if you're a fan of Tex-Mex (which we all are) the food was superb! Carl was even seen on more than one occasion actually eating from the buffets. (For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of attending conference - Carl normally slips away at meal times to find places which can satisfy his - shall we say  uniquely anodyne culinary preferences).

The conference was arranged in such a way that there were two tracks of the same speakers ensuring that no one had to choose to miss attending any of the key talks. We were able to attend all of the key presentations but client pressure meant that we had to miss one or two of the subsidiary talks. Rather than comment on individual talks I'll just provide an overview of what I found to be the highlights of the three day event.

The first day saw a keynote speaker who provided a number of catchphrases that would be repeated by speakers and attendees on several occasions throughout the conference. Whether or not you're a fan of motivational speakers, no one could deny that he provided some unique vocabulary snippets and repeatable gestures.

The introductory talk by Revelation CEO Mike Ruane provided the usual overview of where the company was at (still profitable) and where it was going (OI 10). Then it was straight into the heavy hitters. For me, it was a three hour presentation by Carl on the changes that had been made to the Presentation Server in the upcoming release.  The talk focused on all the things that are going to allow us to deliver a modern desktop experience.  He also showed off an IDE that drew upon industry standard designs such that your average computer science graduate would have no problem with picking it up and running with it.

A clean interface and a consistent open/new dialog finally brought the toolset together as one coherent whole. The design workspace and property panel were synched as you moved from one tool to another and the whole IDE just radiates professionalism and quality.   READ ON...


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The February 25, 2015 edition of DBTA magazine featured an article titled MultiValue Vendors Pushing Boundaries which features Revelation Software and Mike Ruane.

There are always new buzzwords coming along. But whether you call it “SMAC” or “CAMS,” there is no doubt that today the confluence of trends—analytics, cloud, social, and mobile—is proving to be a disruptive force that is causing many to reassess their approaches to data management.
Over the years, MultiValue technologies have evolved and adapted, pushing boundaries in order to integrate with new data sources and targets, address new analytics needs, and keep pace with emerging requirements. This has enabled customers to continue to rely on their trusted, and often highly specialized, MultiValue applications and data management systems.  READ ON..


Did you know...that OpenInsight 10.0 will support High DPI.

With the increasing popularity of high-resolution monitors, one of the biggest usability
problems today is the display size of text and UI controls, because they appear smaller
as the screen resolution increases.  The recommended advice to overcome this is to
increase the DPI (dots-per-inch) setting of the system, thereby enlarging these elements
and making them easier to see and read.  If you have been using Windows Vista and
above you have probably already seen this Control Panel applet that allows you to
easily change your DPI settings:


Java Library for OpenInsight Access (oiJio)

Revelation Software's Java library for OpenInsight access, oiJio, allows Java developers to connect with an OpenInsight OEngineServer, perform basic file i/o, and invoke Basic+ routines.

Communication can be performed in "stateful" or "stateless" mode. In stateless mode, a client connects to the engine server, makes its request, receives any results, and then disconnects; in this fashion, the OEngine is available for subsequent requests from the same, or different, client. This provides the most efficient throughput for multiple users. Conversely, in stateful mode, the Java client will connect to the engine server, make one or more requests, receiving any results, and maintain its connection until the session is complete, at which point it should disconnect. Because the client does not disconnect after each request, additional requests from other clients must "consume" additional OEngines; this method, then, provides a simpler interface at the expense of scalability.

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